Valori Fussell is very articulate, quick and able to communicate complex ideas spontaneously and clearly. She is the kind of artist who easily teaches out of experience. She is persuasive because she speaks with a broad background in the arts and the studio experience to make that authentic. She knows a lot "about" art and how to do it.

-Jim Herbert
Filmmaker/Professor of Art
Athens, GA

Private or small group sessions available

See Valori's teaching philosophy here and below for teaching testimonials. 

Individual support in studio practice offered in person or via virtual sessions

includes color mixing, technical support, critique, and guidance.

Contact Valori at for rates and availability. 

  • Currently planning for upcoming workshops

  • Examples of previous workshops:


    In this workshop paint from any photograph of an animal. Foundation and advanced techniques will be demonstrated in painting, drawing and animal anatomy. A basic awareness of animal structure is instrumental in a good work of animal art. Bring pictures of your pet or an animal photograph from which you can do your art.
    There will be a dog present who will be used to show the foundation structures.
    This is a workshop for beginning and advanced students. Materials of the artist are covered with an introduction to sound studio practice. Basics such as setting up the palette, choosing paints, solvents, mediums and supports will be introduced to those who want that. It is taught in a traditional atelier approach with demonstrations and plenty of one on one instruction. You can work in any medium you prefer. Get ready to have fun!
    This class will be held outside and in the shade. A simple organic lunch is provided.


    Freed from the confinement of a studio we will be painting and drawing multiple figures in the outdoors. Models (both nude and dressed) will be posed in an open gazebo within a garden setting. The surroundings will be styled with still life and colorful fabrics. For two days you will enjoy superb instruction, plenty of space, ten hours of painting/drawing time and comfortable surroundings. The opportunities to explore new compositions are limitless.
    As a lifelong studio artist with landscape experience I am always surprised by the flood of imaginative ideas prompted by the figure and still life in nature. This environment opens creatives to possibilities not limited by the thinking mind. If you have been feeling that you need something new in your artwork to initiate creative growth this workshop will help.
    Coffee and pastries will be served in the morning when we begin and an organic buffet lunch will be provided both days. The models will be in the same pose each day. If you’re really quick, just change positions whenever you need.
    Location details will be provided on registration.


    Every serious painter should know how to mix color with a limited palette. Understanding how to use this palette increases your color-mixing skills and it greatly focuses and sharpens your thought processes. 
This workshop introduces the five paints needed and will demonstrate how to combine them to create an array of colors. During instructor-led demonstrations each student will be mixing their own color/value chart. You will experience firsthand how these mixtures harmonize and integrate exquisitely due to the very nature of their limit.
    The harmony of color and unity within the value relationships of the limited palette is always impressive and promises to influence your future work. Following the introduction and demonstration we will have a brief organic lunch and then set out to make a painting in the garden utilizing these new skills. Instruction and guidance will be available during that time.
    Location details and supply list will be provided on registration.
    This workshop will be held outside and in the shade.


    The foundation of any artwork is the support on which it is made. A rigid panel is your safest support. Panels protect your artwork from punctures and tears, but most importantly from shrinkage and expansion which cause paint film to crack. In this workshop you will acquire the skills to make and customize your own panels tailoring them to your specific aesthetic. No longer dependent on manufacturers, you will see that panel prep can be done quickly, efficiently and inexpensively.
    Morning demonstrations will show how to apply size to a panel, cover it with linen, canvas or paper and options for treating the edges and cradling. You will be introduced to making a Prepared Panel by traditional methods using natural glues and chalks. Remedying common problems and troubleshooting will be discussed.
    Following the demonstrations we’ll have a quick lunch and then participants will get to work making their own panels. All materials will be provided. Bring an eager and curious mind. Leave with panels ready for painting.
    Location details will be provided on registration. This class will be held outside and in the shade. A simple lunch is provided.


"As a mentor, Valori’s dedication to her work, her seriousness, perseverance and self-discipline are a true inspiration to her students. Valori teaches with enthusiasm but without affectation, generating admiration and respect from her colleagues and students. She is available, open and articulate."

-Aurelia Ghezzi
Associate Director, Artist-In-Residence Program
Cortona, Italy

"Thank you Valori for your guidance and support. It’s been a great privilege to study with you. You’ve taught me to believe 'It’s in me'. I now have the confidence to pursue my artistic path, and you’ll always be the voice pushing and motivating me."

-Sophie MJ Cooper
Santa Barbara, CA

"Each of us has been so profoundly affected by your talent and how you have shared that talent with each of us."

-Phyllis Brooks
Carpinteria, CA

"When I began studying figure drawing with Valori Fussell I had never drawn the human figure or knew how to paint. I never imagined that her class would open up a whole new world and passion. Since then I have become a professional, award-winning artist. I owe much of my artistic success to what I learned in her classes. I thank her for keeping me honest and not letting me get away with anything. I cherish every moment of art time she has given me. Valori is the best teacher I’ve ever had!"

-Sydney Kopeikin
Ventura, CA

"I've learned so much from your approach. You get us over the the comfort line with your honest and direct way of teaching and criticizing. I get a lot of positive comments and I always say "I never would draw like this without the lessons of Valori Fussell"."

-Jacqueline Roorda
Langedijk, the Netherlands

"Thank you so much for your comments and help with my drawing! In reading your mail it makes me understand better some points I could not clearly grasp. Wish I were in your class still!"

-Charlotte d'Hauteville
Paris, France

"Valori Fussell is the best art teacher I’ve ever had."

-Betty Wolf (age 88)
Santa Barbara, CA

"I was so lucky to find Valori’s classes at moment when I was hungry to learn. It has set me on a path that will stay with me always."

-Sandra Goodenough
Set Designer/Student
Cornwall, England

"Cathy admired you so much and deeply believed in your talent. When Cathy and I wrote her obituary, she insisted that it be known that she was a student of yours. She was very proud to have learned from you. You probably have never realized the artistic impact you had with her. Her paintings always seemed to have some of your influence."

-T. Wood Lovell
Atlanta, GA

"I appreciate so much what Valori has done for our class from arranging a show of our work which gave me a lot of confidence, to inspiring us with her own work and explaining great art to us. Thank you for all your help, your teachings and setting an example as a successful woman artist."

-Sharon W.
Santa Barbara, CA

"Thank you for all the time and effort you put into making this semester great. I have learned so much! Also, thank you for encouraging me to try new things and learn how to improve and improvise!"

Printmaking Student
Westmont College, Montecito, CA

"You are a fountain of knowledge and inspiration. Thanks for all you give."

Santa Barbara, CA

"Valori is an extremely talented and dedicated person, a fine painter, craftsman and printmaker -in short an artist of substance. Her wide background in the studio arts as well as her time spent in her own studio and Italy gives her a professional competence far beyond the average art teacher. Valori has a remarkable ability to communicate. She can be offhand with students and at the same time demand discipline in their art activities. She projects enthusiasm and is an excellent role model."

-William J. Thompson, Professor Emeritus
University of Georgia, Athens, GA

"Thanks for all your patience with me. When I look at your work it’s a great inspiration."

-Anna Friedrich
Santa Barbara, CA