Image size 10 ½ x 8 ½"


Charcoal on Paper
16 x 19"

Carla Reclining

Oil on Linen
20 x 24"

Screaming Man Painting (Man in the Cosmos)

Oil on Linen
80 x 36"

Abandoned Quarry

Oil on Prepared Panel 13 x 11”

While It Burns

Oil on Linen 40 x 60”

Twisting Woman Etching

Intaglio 8 x 10”

Sleeping Covid

Charcoal on Paper 22 x 28”


Oil on Linen - 18 x 24”

Thinking Man

Oil on Linen - 55 x 38”

Task of Rest

Intaglio - 8 x 5 ½”

Steve’s Back

Oil on Linen 48 x 36”

Chaye Sleeping

Oil on Linen
24 x 30"

Lying Woman Etching

Intaglio 8 x 10”

Grisaille Man

Oil on Linen 36 x 48”

Crucifixion Wind

Charcoal on Paper 29 x 18”

Chaye Standing

Oil on Linen 54 x 41 ½”


"Valori Fussell is a multifaceted artist whose work showcases both technical virtuosity and a vivid imagination. I enjoy watching her evolve as a thoughtful and talented fine artist."

-Leslie Westbrook
Carpinteria, CA

"It looks like it was breathed onto the canvas."

-Ray Strong
Painter, Educator, Legend
Santa Barbara, CA

"Valori has honed the conceptual and technical dimensions of her art. By using luminous glazes she develops paintings that seem to balance old-master technique with a contemporary, psychologically acute eye."

-Art Rosenbaum
Artist and Musician, Professor Emeritus University of Georgia
Athens, GA

"We put "Abandoned Quarry" next to the bedroom door so we can see it up close all the time!"

-George Vidacovich
Ventura, CA