“It’s the best present I’ve ever given my husband.”
- P.B. Carpinteria, CA

“The three charcoal portraits are so wonderful! My three boys are together. I will treasure them forever.”
- S.P. New York, NY

“I am in amazement of your talent and your pure heart. Words really can’t express my profound thanks.”
– D.R. New York, NY

“You COMPLETELY captured her. I am so very moved. I cannot thank you enough.”
- E.K. Santa Barbara, CA

“Your work is beautiful and I am thrilled to have it in our home.”
- A.M. Birmingham, AL

“We put your painting by the bedroom door so we can see it up close all the time. Thanks so much!”
- G.V. Ventura, CA

“The portrait is so beautiful and perfect. I just love it. Thank you so much.”
- A.A. Birmingham, AL

“You did a fine job and the framer simply compounded your success. Be assured we are thoroughly delighted with your latest oeuvre.”
- M.M. Montecito, CA

“Your work looks SO good and intense!”
- J.H. Athens, GA

“The portrait of my mother means the world to me. I will cherish it forever.”
- D.C. Atlanta, GA

“The portrait is stunning… you are awesome Valori!!”
- A.C. Birmingham, AL

“The portraits rendered me speechless. They are divine. And best of all, the boys each really like them.”
- D.R. New York, NY

“Your painting of Philip is an extraordinarily beautiful work of art. Thank you for the tremendous care that you so clearly took in capturing his warm and bright personality.”
- A.H. New York, NY

“Thank you SO much for your fabulous work. I can’t wait to show it to my brother. You’re the best.”
- C.C. Orlando, FL

“Thank you again for taking on our project. You have an unbelievable talent and we feel blessed to be able to have a piece of your work to give our family.”
- S.M. Santa Barbara, CA

“I wept tears of joy upon seeing what you had painted. It is a great privilege to have your creation in my home. I honor you and the beauty that you are bringing to all who look upon your work.”
- M.S. Montecito, CA

“We all cherish and admire your great portrait of Richard.”
- C.W. Boston, MA

“Everyday we enjoy the permanent place your portraits have in our lives. I never see them in terms of cost but overwhelming delight and inherent satisfaction.”
- L.K. Atlanta, GA

“It’s my favorite possession!”
- K.W. Birmingham, AL

“By some almost magic talent you have captured not only a remarkable image of these two pets but even more importantly, you have captured their souls. Everyone who has seen this work has commented on the depth of feeling it conveys.”
- P.W. Santa Barbara, CA

“We look forward to seeing the beautiful portrait for years to come. We are thrilled!”
- J.M. Birmingham, AL