Teaching / Testimonials

What her colleagues say about her:

“She is serious and courageous as an artist and has shown she has the authority and sensibility to teach her students how to learn and grow as well. I think she has the potential as great as any teacher I have worked with before.”
- Jorgen Hansen, my most important teacher

“Valori Fussell is very articulate, quick, and able to communicate complex ideas spontaneously and clearly. She is the kind of artist who easily teaches out of experience.”
- James Herbert, Professor Emeritus, University of Georgia

What her students say:

“Valori Fussell is without doubt the best drawing teacher I have ever had. Her method is unconventional but the results are amazing. Although she herself is a highly skilled draftsman her aim is to bring out each student’s individual voice so that at the end of each session you have a room full of art that is packed with emotion and individual expression. I would recommend this class to both beginners and advanced artists. Valori brings out the best in each student regardless of skill level.”
- V.P. Santa Barbara, CA

“Valori Fussell’s classes changed my life. Her portrait and figure class are like non other. She has a very special way of inviting her students to draw from a very deep place within. She welcomes all styles and teaches each and every one of us to develop our skill, our sense of composition and deepen our connection to the form. She is a caring and devoted teacher and she makes class exciting and a lot of fun.”
- A.M. Santa Barbara, CA

“I cherish every moment of art time you’ve given me – you’re the best teacher, ever!”
- SK Ventura, CA

“Thank you for enabling me to do my best, and for being supportive.”
- M.H. Santa Barbara, CA

“Thank you Valori for your guidance and support. You’ve taught me to believe “it’s in me”. I now have the confidence to pursue my artistic path, and you’ll always be the voice pushing and motivating me.”
- S.C. Santa Barbara, CA

“I learned al lot in a different way than before – you are a wonderful teacher!”
- A.V. Santa Barbara, CA